Sean Farrell

I watched the very first Irish Triathlons on TV in the early 80s and was fascinated by the sport. Always talked about entering a triathlon but 20 years of basketball kept me busy. I began early morning swimming almost daily in the late 90s and when I exited the water in the top two in my first tri (Focus Ireland) in 2005 I was hooked. I have entered up to 10 races a year since then, competing in National AG and National Championship events. I represented Ireland in the World AG Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2007 and Hamburg in 2008, and the European AG Championships in Athlone in 2010.
I have completed the Level 1 Swim Ireland coaching course and the Triathlon Ireland Level 1 coaching course. I currently coach the Monday Belvedere swim session and Tue NAC swim session. I am actively involved in the club in organising training days and training sessions and work with other club coaches to try to co-ordinate a broad range of training activities.